Paradise Found: The Biodynamic Wines of Casa Di Baal – Italy

An Organic Gastronomic Paradise

An abundance of organic lemons from the organic farm of Casa Di Baal in Campania Italy

Organic Amalfi Lemons from the Casa DI Baal Farm

Organic Figs from the an orchard in Campania Italy

Organic Figs from the farm’s orchard

Fresh bowl of homemade pasta with organic tomato sauce

Fresh pasta with organic tomato sauce

Nestled amidst the rolling hills outside of the Amalfi Coast in the Italian wine region of Campania, Casa di Baal an organic and native grape paradise emerges as a testament to an earthly utopia, where the family’s connection with the land transcends mere sustenance. Here, groceries become obsolete, as the very food that graces their table is cultivated on their very own organic and biodynamic farm.  Imagine a cornucopia of lemons, limes, tangerines, figs and pears thriving alongside a lavish garden bursting with a kaleidoscope of vegetables.  Tomatoes take center stage, lovingly roasted, cooked, stewed, and preserved, ensuring that even in the depths of winter, they have the gift of their farm’s flavors to grace homemade pasta as well as meat dishes with exquisite sauces.  But this farm is more than just vegetables. It’s a veritable Noah’s Ark of deliciousness. Pigs are raised to craft their own prosciutto and sausages, while cows roam the pastures to provide tender, homegrown beef.

A Symphony of Sustainability

Beautiful woman working in an organic and biodynamic vineyard harvesting native grapes from Casa Di Baal in Campania Italy

Marilee’s day harvesting the biodynamic native grapes from Casa Di Baal

Woman harvesting native organic and biodynamic grapes from Casa Di Baal in Campania Italy

Excellent organic wines begin in the vineyard with Casa Di Baal’s commitment to biodynamic and organic practices.

Woman crushing native organic grapes to produce excellent Italian Red Wines.

Francesca the Winemaker at Casa Di Baal crushes some of the native grapes.

Beyond their extensive crop cultivation, Casa di Baal keeps bees and manages 25 hectares of organic and biodynamically grown olive trees, accompanied by another 5 hectares dedicated to organic and biodynamically grown grapes. It’s a holistic approach, viewing the farm as a harmonious living system where if each part thrives, it supports the vitality of the whole.  Stepping onto the grounds of Casa di Baal is akin to wandering into an earthly paradise. Life pulses and flourishes in every direction. Multiple generations of the family call this place home, with Laura, her husband, their children, Laura’s 4 siblings, their spouses, and their children and Laura’s parents.  Thriving together, they are a multi-generational family living as one harmonious unit.

Sowing Seeds of Wisdom

A basket of native organic grapes harvested from a biodynamic vineyard in Campania Italy

WOW – Native organic grapes from this paradise of biodynamic and organic cultivation.

Italian father and daughter standing in the organic and biodynamic vinyard of Casa di Baal in Campania Italy

Laura and her Father working hand in hand in their organic and biodynamic vineyard.

Two women in an organic Italian winery producing organic red Italian wines

Laura and her sister Francesca are a dynamic team behind the stunning wines produced at Casa Di Baal

Their majestic tree, a living testament to 50 years of family history, stands tall in the front yard, bearing witness to countless stories, decisions, and dreams. Underneath its leafy canopy, important family discussions unfold, strategies are devised, and plans are laid.  Nearly every day, this sacred space plays host to meals that transcend mere sustenance. Family gatherings are an art form here, with each member contributing a course. It’s a culinary symphony, a celebration of life, love, and the land.  Laura’s children are raised in the warm embrace of ten cousins, surrounded by aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Their upbringing is a lesson in stewardship, a profound understanding of soil, animals, grapes, bees, fruit trees, and gardens. These children are growing up with a profound respect for the earth, learning the delicate dance of nurturing it in return for its bounteous gifts.

While the bounty of the land is paramount, wine weaves its own enchanting tale at Casa di Baal. Initially, Laura’s father sold his grapes to the local cooperative, making a small batch of wine for family consumption. However, adversity transformed their path. When the cooperative failed to compensate him for his grapes two years in a row, the family convened beneath their cherished tree and made a pivotal decision: Casa di Baal would evolve from a grape grower to an organic wine producer.  As the years passed and Laura’s father’s health waned, the family once again gathered beneath the tree. This time, three of his daughters left their careers behind to uphold his legacy. Laura and her sisters now oversee the vineyard and winemaking, elevating their wines to new heights while embracing biodynamic farming practices in the scenic terroir just inland from the Amalfi coast.

As we sat beneath the time-honored tree, savoring a multi-course lunch, with each family member contributing their culinary masterpiece, paired with their exquisite wines, stories flowed like the rivers of time. The pride in their eyes mirrored the richness flavors in each bite and sip. The laughter and playfulness of the children reflected the joy of a life steeped in nature’s embrace. Casa di Baal’s living system is not just a model of sustainability; it’s a canvas painted with the hues of love, unity, and reverence for the land—a vibrant masterpiece expressed through each sip and bite.

And now, we’re thrilled to announce the arrival of Casa Di Baal’s exquisite wines at Iola Wines. Our first offering is a white wine crafted from the Fiano grape, a native grape of Southern Italy—a grape as ancient as it is noble.  The 2021 Casa Di Baal Fiano is a revelation, with vibrant aromas that entwine a fragrant floral bouquet with ripe pears, honey, and hints of savory spice and wood. On the palate, it dances with a rich and textural mouthfeel, where flavors of pear, melon, and a whisper of citrus meld into a long, savory finish, crowned with a delightful flurry of nuts.

At Iola Wines, we invite you to embark on a sensory journey, to experience the fruits of Casa Di Baal’s labor—a labor of love, tradition, and a deep-rooted connection to the land. With each sip, you not only taste the essence of their farm but also become a part of their story—a story of family, resilience, and the art of sustainable living.

Casa Di Baal’s organic wine, like their farm, is a living system of flavors, where every bottle reflects the harmony and balance of a life lived in concert with nature. It’s a wine that not only tantalizes the taste buds but also warms the heart, reminding us of the beauty that arises when people come together to honor the earth. We’re proud to be the bridge that brings Casa Di Baal’s exceptional organic wines to your table.  Let us invite you to share in their journey and experience the magic of Casa Di Baal for yourself.

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