Meet Iola Wines

Iola Wines is on a mission to bring you naturally made wines from French and Italian women winemakers at the top of their game.

Because if there’s anything we’ve learned from years in the wine trade, it’s this: bold women working in radical harmony with the earth make extraordinary wines.

Start with a bottle (or two) from our online Bottle Shop or join our Iola Wine Society. Either way, we can’t wait to introduce you to the most talented vigneronnes we know.

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What’s Our Style?

Finesse (not funk) is our thing. Think gorgeous, old-world wines from France and Italy, made with little-to-no intervention.

Why Female Winemakers Only?

Our focus isn’t just about gender, though vigneronnes succeeding in a male dominated world is pretty awesome.

What’s compelling to us is what these fierce nurturers consistently deliver: beautiful, unhindered expressions of a grape’s potential and the terroir on which its grown. Bottles of poetry, really. We pinch ourselves we get to work with them.

Join the Club

Like brilliant wines? Hate status quo? Meet the Iola Wine Society.

It’s a subscription-based wine club that’s more like having a super picky wine curator at your dispatch, stocking you with just the right amount of consistently beautiful, naturally made French and Italian wines and introducing you to the rock-star vigneronnes behind them.

Iola Wine Society members have three options: our Club Rouge, a mix of everything with our Connoisseur Club, or our Sparkling Club.

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Bold women make the best wine. Naturally.

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