Introducing Our French and Italian Wine Club

We’re a wine club that seeks out and showcases the finest French and Italian wines crafted exclusively by talented female winemakers specializing in natural wine production.

The Journey Begins

Iola Wines was born from my extensive experience in the wine industry in Washington and California. After years of studying and exploring European wine regions and earning top certifications in French and Italian Wine Scholar and WSET L3 with Merit, the idea took root.

In a world where women excel in various professions, the wine industry, especially in Old World wines, seemed different. Traditionally, vineyards had been passed from father to son, leaving women largely sidelined. It became clear that I could play a small part in challenging this status quo by championing female vigneronnes who possess equal talent to their male counterparts.

My focus today extends beyond gender. I’m dedicated to exceptional wines. The women winemakers I collaborate with consistently produce wines of depth and beauty despite facing challenges every step of the way. These are the wines I want to enjoy and share with the world. These are the winegrowers I want to see thrive.

Iola Wines embodies my life’s purpose, and I would be honored to have you join me on this remarkable journey.


Marilee Bramhall
Iola Wines Founder


Marilee Bramhall

hand holding a grape

Chrsitine Nadalie Clos La Boheme

Clos La Boheme - Haut-Mèdoc AOC Bordeaux

What “Natural” Means to Iola

“Natural wine” is a term that gets wobbly pretty quickly, so let’s get after it. For Iola, when we say a wine is “naturally made,” we mean it’s been produced using long-proven, time-honored practices with minimal intervention.

Typically, it means the grapes are grown according to organic or biodynamic principles, with or without the official certifications – which can be a prohibitively expensive process if you’re a small, non-corporate wine maker. Luckily, following these time-honored practices is more a reflection of each vigneronnes deeply held principles.

Iola takes this concept very seriously. Before we agree to import a wine, we do on-site visits with each vigneronne; we walk her vineyards and witness her production in order to be confident we share the same definition of what it means to make wine naturally. It’s an important step we don’t skip.

old photo tractor

Iola smooching her husband while working on their Dayton, WA Farm

Iola Wines is named in honor of Marilee’s grandmother, Iola Ryerson Bramhall, who grew up in the Depression and loved opera and ballet as much as she did a good party.
Like all the women in the Bramhall clan, Iola took a big bite out of life on a daily basis. Her spirit and championing of women and sisters, related or not, live on through Iola Wines today.
old time photo of man and children

Iola’s love of nature was encouraged by her jodhpur-loving Aunt Babe Ryerson

woman with cow

Iola on the family farm circa 1940s